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Below are some useful links if you wish to find out more about Patient HM or the work of Dr Jacopo Annese.

HM's perspective on the world:

Eleanor Maguire (as recommended by memory expert Professor John Aggleton): Imagining fictitious and future experiences: Evidence from developmental amnesia. How amnesiacs such as HM see the past, present and future:

Patient HM – Additional Information
Scoville/Milner paper written about HM and 9 other case studies. Says a lot about the processes involved but also some finer detail into HM's case:
Sue Corkin's Eulogy for HM:
Videos of the slicing of the brain and full pictures with his family:

Bickford Health Centre

Bickford health centre general info:
Bickford health centre remembers HM in newsletter:
BBC Radio program on HM with interviews with all th e key players and in particular staff at the Bickford health centre (including clips of his voice and correct pronounciation of amagdala):

Dr Jacopo Annese

Live brain dissection:
Q&A re. Brain dissection and the future: 

Esquire Article:

Wider Contextual Information
Looking at the rapidly increasing world of neuroethics : 
General information about epilepsy: 

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